Well hey there everyone, happy Tuesday! I know this post is like, 2 and a half weeks late, but I’ve been a bit busy with some IRL stuff (I'm moving!) and haven’t been able to make the time to write up one of these.


For starters I’d like to congratulate our 2 giveaway winners, Nidraw and Patbey! Thank you to everyone who entered, seeing the turnout for this giveaway, I may be doing another one soon, so stay tuned.


In other news, I have another announcement about minigames.

I’m sad to announce that the plans for bedwars seems to have fallen through, or at least put the project on a slight hold because of the compatibility issue between the plugin and the server’s version and modded style. MineCrusher is still working hard on it to see if he can come up with a fix for the issue we found after testing.

On a positive note, with the loss of bedwars, we welcome 2 new minigames, and a very much needed update for a current one. The 2 new mingames are Flash TNT Run, as well as Hero’s Hide n Seek! Some of you have already seen Flash TNT Run, seeing as we played it a bit for the past 2 Saturday events, but Hero’s Hide n Seek is all new!

Here’s the quick rundown of the two minigames.

FLASH TNT RUN is a fun game where you run around on a gravel base as the Flash, but every few blocks you step on disappear under your feet. There are about 5 levels, and the last person left who hasn’t fallen through the final level is the winner. People seem to have enjoyed this thus far, seeing as it’s a quick and simple game to play with friends.

HERO’S HIDE N SEEK is exactly as it sounds. It’s a regular blockhunt minigame, otherwise known as Hide n Seek on some servers, except all the maps (we currently have 2) are superhero based, and the blocks you can disguise as are FiskHero blocks such as suit fabricators, tutridium blocks, and vibranium blocks. We were unable to add things like display stands and treadmills into the mix because of their mod configuration. The two maps we currently have are Star Labs and Wayne Manor. I hope you all enjoy this new game, because I know I will be playing it every chance I get!


As many of you know, Skywars was disturbing redstone quite a bit because of its small lag spikes it creates, interfering with the lag spikes that bigger redstone contraptions create themselves. Fortunately for us, we have an amazing developer who not only worked on an update that fixed this issue, but also added a bunch of new content to the Skywars Game, opening it up for even more potential fun!

  • We have added a shop where you can finally use coins earned from games
  • In the shop you can buy various suits that you start off with having when the match starts
  • You can also buy different textures for your starter cage to be
  • We have also added achievements so that you have more ways to potentially get coins to buy starter suits
  • Black Panther suit pieces will still be available in the Black Panther arena, so that even if you don’t have a starter suit, you still have the ability to get a suit for the game.
  • We have decided to make some more hero themed maps, more info on that is TBA
  • You can also now create parties with friends, and even group up for Skywars matches

We hope you all enjoy these much-needed fixes and changes, let us know how you feel about any of the new minigames or changes to current ones in the comments bellow!



Yes, that’s right, we are almost ready for vanilla! We will be releasing it on Saturday, the 16th, the closest Saturday to the release date of FCS that we could get. The only things that’s left is for us to set up donator options, fix certain commands and permissions, and finalize and test everything. It’s very exiting that something has been actually in the works and hyped up for this long is finally being released. Differently from Galactic Battle, I feel this server will really bring in a different group of people, as well as bring over some of the FCS players to it. We are extremely excited for all of you to come on and see it in a week and a half!


Now let’s talk STATISTICS!

So, we are currently at 4613 total members on the FCS. Compared to the last time I posted, when we were at 4334, it’s a pretty big jump, keeping in mind its from 2 and a half weeks ago, I’d say it’s a nice number to see. We are over half way to the next thousand marker, which is amazing!


That’s all I got for you guys today, I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you all on Saturday for the event!


-Your owner, Gabysaurus (Jenna)

Happy Friday everyone! We got some actual big announcements this week so make sure to read the whole thing!


For starters, I would like to announce that we will be added 2 new minigames within the next few weeks.

One of which is Captain America Bedwars, which is currently in the works and almost complete, the other is Hero’s Survival Games, and has yet to be started.

For Bedwars, you can choose between 4 teams, Time Stone, Reality Stone, Space Stone and Mind Stone. The object of the game is to destroy the other team’s “bed” which is actually a cosmic treadmill. You must try and protect your own treadmill, while also attempting to make it to the center to try and score some sweet tutridium in order to buy the Captain America suit from the item shop! The max players are 4 per team. This minigame should hopefully be fixed up and ready for tomorrows event. In the case that it’s not, it will be ready for the following weeks.

The other minigame that is in the works and will be hopefully added within the next 2 weeks is a Heroes Survival Games. We haven’t fully decided on the map yet; however, we have looked into reusing an older map that many of you may remember as the original spawn map of FCS1.0. We also haven’t decided on which suits will be available to find in lootable chests, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to put them down below. We want to limit the number of suits to about 3 or 4, in order to avoid people getting many incomplete sets while playing.


In other news, we have begun the first steps at setting up a casino.

We currently have 5 gambling kits you can purchase. Each kit is for a different suit tier. In order to purchase the kits, simply do the command /kit tier1 (or 2,3,4,5). Once you’ve done that, head over to /warp crates and right click on the corresponding suit stand. We will have a gambling crate that gives you a completely random suit as soon as MineCrusher08 (our developer) works out the kinks in that one. We are also planning on adding purchasable tutridium gem gambling crates. Once we have all the crates set up, we will be moving in the new build for the casino/shop.


Speaking of new builds, exciting news for that! We are currently working on a new spawn world!

As well as a new spawn world, we have decided to move our current spawn world, which is Gotham, into a separate world to be used as a huge PvP area! We aren’t ready to tell you guys what the new spawn world is going to be or look like, but we can assure you that the city its based off is stunning! Along with that, as mentioned earlier, we will be adding a casino/shop. This build was created by a member of the server, ZacAttackGaming. If you would like to see what the build looks like, head over to /warp survival for a sneak peak of it.


New ranks and changes to previous ones

For those who were waiting patiently for us to finally put the ontime plugin to good use, some changes have finally been made and some additions as well. For starters, we added 3 new timebased ranks. The first one being the SIDEKICK rank. For this rank you need to have 6h ontime, and you get 4 homes. Hero now has permissions for the /back command. We also added SUPERHERO and SUPERVILLAIN. For these ranks, you’ll need to have over 7 days (a lot, I know) of ontime, and will grant you 7 homes as well as the ability to use /nightvision ! Because of the new ranks, we have decided to change, and increase the number of sethomes each rank gets. Hero now gets 5, VIP gets 7, MVP gets 8 and ELITE gets 10. We hope you’re all happy with these changes.


And now for some statistics.

Since February 9th, our total member count has gone from 4271, up to 4334 total members. It’s a smaller increase in players compared to the last 2 weeks of growth, but it’s growth none the less! According to some other statistics, our average online player count has been slightly higher this week, which is awesome!


Wow, that was a lot of stuff! I hope you’re all satisfied with the updates and changes, feel free to comment your feelings regarding them! I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys on tomorrow for the event at 1PM EST!

-Your owner, Gabysaurus (Jenna)

ZacAttackGaming elite Awsome can't wait to beat secret and Snazalicious in bed wars
rbmlpmps Citizen Dang, im excited.
coolgameraccount MVP I can not wait this will be fun!

Hey guys! I forgot to post the weekly update yesterday so I’m posting it a day late.

For starters, I’d like to thank everyone who came to the event today. The event went great, lots of participation. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the all new Fight Club arena, that our amazing co-owner EpicBoredPerson built.

In terms of updates there isn’t much for this week. The biggest update on the server was the building of the Fight Club. We decided we would go back to the original style of it and make it underground somewhere in survival, with the classic iron bars and obsidian look. Epic did a great job building it and we should all thank him.

Another big announcement this week that came out on Sunday was that Epic is taking a small leave of absence from the server to focus on some stuff going on in his personal life. This doesn’t mean he will be gone forever, but just for a period of time in order for him to get his life in order and work on himself in order to avoid the feeling of “burning out” from the server. I myself did this back in December when I took a 3-and-a-half-week vacation. I can attest to the fact that it is very worth it and will be for the best.

Now let’s talk about some stats.

Since February first, we have gone from a total of 4159 total members, to a whopping 4271 total members. That means that from last week to this week, we have gained more members compared to the previous period! That means we’re growing a bit faster than before. Because of the overwhelming number of players, we once again reached our max slots, and then some, around 1pm EST today. We managed to have a high of 32 players online, which is freaking AWESOME!

I hope you’re all as excited about the growth and new stuff to come, as we slowly begin to work on the builds for the new Vanilla server. If you are interested in helping build for the new server, feel free to leave your IGN and discord username in the forum thread I posted requesting people help with building!

As usual, I hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll see you guys next week for another amazingly fun event!

-Your owner, Gabysaurus (Jenna)

ZacAttackGaming elite Can't wait to verse people in fight Club !

Hey there everyone! I’ve decided to post the weekly updates every Friday, instead of every Sunday. Not all too much has happened this week, but I’d like to share some statistics with you all and share some small details and changes to the website and forums as well.

For starters, I’d like to thank everyone who’s joined the website and begun to be active on the forums, we really appreciate the effort to keep the website and forums active and fun for everyone.

We have added a few new forum threads, such as RULES for the website, and a few other forum threads where you can advertise your YouTube videos, show off your builds, and even get to know other players by reading their bios, or posting your own so that other players can get to know you better. I strongly suggest checking out all the forum threads.

First of all, super important, we're doing a giveaway. To enter, you must visit this Twitter link and make sure to follow the official network's Twitter account, as well as like and retweet the tweet!

Another important update is that we have finished putting together all the perms for the ACTIVE rank. In order to get and maintain the active rank, you must have the following prerequisites:

  • Have AT LEAST 30 forum posts. This means that you must have posted at least 50 times in the forums. Please refrain from posting small replies just in order to get your posts up, especially seeing as its against the rules to do so.
  • You must have joined the website AT LEAST 2 weeks before we give you the ACTIVE rank.
  • You must follow all the rules and have broken NO MORE THAN 3 forum/website rules.
  • If you wish to continue to have your active rank, we expect you to post AT LEAST 5 forum posts per week.

If you feel you are eligible for the ACTIVE rank, we have set up a forum thread for people to apply for it.

And now its time for some statistical reports.

Since Sunday, the 27th of January, on FCS, we have gone from 4075 total members, to 4159 total members.

On Sunday, we already reached max slots for about an hour, and the whole day we had an average of at least 25 people online until about 8PM when it dipped under 20 members online. I think that’s dang awesome.

In terms of money and donations, the month of January was our biggest month for donations, we got an estimated total of around $350 in total donations for the month. Compared to the months before, that’s 10x more! Let’s hope we can keep it up in order to keep the server self-sufficient.

Other updates to the server include the Auto Rank plugin being added, meaning it tracks your ontime. If you do /ar check and see that the number there does not match the number in your statistics page, please message a staff member on discord and we will adjust it as soon as possible for you!

That’s pretty much it for this week guys! Leave comments bellow on what your most excited about!

 -Your owner, Gabysaurus (Jenna)

Hey there everyone! It's been a long time since anything has been posted on here and a lot has happened since the last post to this one’s going to be a long one, with lots of important information. We urge you all to join the discord as well, because we will often times post smaller and quick announcements on there.

For starters I'd like to thank everyone for playing on our server, because of all of you, we've reached over 4000 members in under a year, which is dang amazing! I would also like to mention we’ve had some staff promotions, as well as a new hire. Congrats to McSnazzy for making the staff team.

Now let’s get down to the announcements!

Bug fixes and added features to FCS

We’re happy to announce that the following bug fixes and features have been added to the Fisk Community Server.

  • Voting has been fixed, and now includes a whopping total of 7 vote links. Each vote you send in will earn you a vote disc, which can be used at /warp crates to receive in-game items.
  • PvP has also been fixed, meaning you can now freely PvP with your friends (and maybe enemies) anywhere in the /warp survival world! Be sure that anyone you are PvPing with has agreed to the fight, in order to avoid killing people who have not agreed to fight and may be busy doing other things.
  • Another important command that was recently fixed is the /rtp command. You can now do /rtp while in the survival world and will be teleported somewhere random. Alternative commands include /wild.

Changes to Ventus: Galactic Battle

We recently shut down the Advanced Lightsabers Server known as Ventus: Galactic Battle, and are working to remake and replace it with an all new server! This new server will be a vanilla 1.12.2 server that will include many of your favourite plugins, including the Towny plugin! This means that you will now have a place to play vanilla Minecraft, make towns and share your awesome building skills with all your friends! This server is set to open in MARCH (exact date is TBA) for our 1 year anniversary of the start of this amazing network/community.

New ranks

We recently added a new donator rank known as Elite. This rank costs $35 and is a huge step up from MVP. For all the details about the exact permissions you get with this rank, either visit the insite donation shop, or visit our Buycraft:

Another new rank we will be adding will be an “ACTIVE” rank. This rank will be for people who are active on the site and on the forum pages. The ranks exact permissions are yet to be completely decided, but one thing for sure is that with this rank you will have a total of 10 /sethomes. If you obtain this rank, it will be placed before your normal rank, for example if you are already a Hero, your rank will appear as "ACTIVE HERO Gabysaurus". More information on this will follow, but in the meantime, make sure you’re commenting on posts like these, and staying active in the forums!

Saturday events

Saturday events have been restarted and start at 1pm Eastern Standard Time. If you are unsure of what time this is in your time zone, either leave a comment bellow stating your time zone, or simply Google it. Every Saturday we will start off with a whole new event titled “Feeding Time”, where for one hour, everyone will have access to a huge block filled with every single mineral, as well as stone. This block will be refilled once, at 1:30pm EST (Eastern Standard Time), and at 2pm, it will be removed, and any items you received during the time period are yours to keep! After that, at 2pm, we will either host a Fightclub, a Black Panther Skywars, or an OITC tournament, where winners will receive 5 tutridium per win. If any of you have any suggestions for other events we could host on Saturdays, feel free to leave your suggestions in the forums!


There’s lots more information to come, so make sure to sign up for the website, stay tuned for next weeks update post!

-Your owner, Gabysaurus (Jenna)

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